Renting Website

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Rent-everything is a customer to customer (C2C) online e-commerce portal which allows for users to put up items for rent and to rent items that have put up for rent by other users. Our application caters to the renting needs of the common man, both by functioning as a source of affordable items for rent but also as a facilitator for people to earn a steady income on the side by renting out unused items. We have a working portal complete with an attractive user interface and a fully functioning back-end. Our front-end has been developed with HTML Django templates, and back-end using Django. Features to be highlighted in our application include:

This application thus allows for a complete transaction procedure where both the renter and the owner are in indirect communication with each other and fully aware of the status of the item. Cost is calculated if the person putting up an item for rent also specifies the cost per day for renting it, it calculated simply by multiplying cost per day with the number of days the item is rented for.